At Cardinal Pizza, we love craft beer, and we love to go local.

Columbus’ own father/son duo owners of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Alan and Bob Szuter, share a passion for our culture and fine culinary experiences. Alan traveled the country as a consultant, and saw, first-hand, how micro-breweries all over not only were doing well, but each had a unique style. He particularly liked how many of the craft beer breweries reflected the ambience and the customs of the places where they lived.

And so, he decided to bring his brand of craft beer to Columbus.

Meanwhile, his son Bob was working in Chicago, and that city’s amazing fine dining scene blew him away to the point that he wanted to try his hand here in Columbus. So, the two of them combined their dreams and created Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. The idea marries a top-notch fine dining experience with cleverly conceived craft beer — all in a congenial setting.

That was nine years ago, and today, Wolf’s Ridge is a locally beloved, awesome experience with scrumptious food and joyful beers. A particularly tempting draw is their Hickory Room, comfortably elegant and perfect for special events. Located right downtown on 4th Street, Wolf’s Ridge is an annual fixture on all the award lists.

Cardinal Pizza is thrilled to offer Wolf’s Ridge Daybreak – a Coffee Vanilla Cream Ale. It is light bodied, clear and has the overtones of iced coffee. In their own beer description, Wolf’s Ridge describes it as: “Confusing to the senses in the best way possible.” Gotta love the mojo in that statement. What they mean is the clarity of the beer doesn’t prepare you for the smooth coffee undertone.

Wolf’s Ridge uses locally sourced coffee roasts and the finest vanilla beans to create this unique craft beer, which has medaled three years in a row at the Great American Beer Festival.

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