Cocktails & Spirits
Cocktails & Spirits

Apple Cider Margarita $10

Hornito’s Tequila, fresh lime juice, Grand Marinier, Agave, fresh apple cider with a raw sugar rim.

Cardinal Pumpkin Pie Martini $12

Watershed vodka or bourbon, Middle west bourbon cream liquor, Homemade pumpkin spice simple syrup, Grand Marinier. Garnished with cinnamon graham cracker & whipped cream.

Rum Harvest $10

Holiday twist on a rum & coke. Captain Morgan, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, topped w/ coke. Garnished w/ lime wedge, fresh cranberries & a cinnamon stick.

Chai Apple Cider Mule $10

Tito’s vodka and Simple Times all natural mixer

Peach Bourbon Smash $10

Watershed Bourbon, Peach Liqueur, Honey, Lemon Juice

Cardinal Old Fashioned $12

Watershed Bourbon, Raw Sugar, Orange & Angostura Bitters

Woody’s Margarita $10

Hornitos Tequila, Grand Marnier, Lime Juice, Agave