Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the perfect party food. And it’s the season for your Westerville graduation party, for sure! parties.

This month there is sure to be a Westerville graduation to attend, or you might know someone graduating from Otterbein or Ohio State and moving from college life on to the so-called “real world.” It’s time to honor their hard work.

An old-fashioned pizza party is a can’t-miss hit with students, faculty and proud parents. You want your Westerville graduation party to stand out!

And with Cardinal Pizza, it’s not only about pizza. We can provide a tasty, quality spread with lasagna, spaghetti, subs and salad. Each dish is exquisitely crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients. So good. We are passionate about every part of our menu. From local sourcing to the attention to detail in the kitchen. Have you tried the bread we use for our sandwiches?

Oh yeah, we also provide amazingly satisfying vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free delicacies as well.

For the legal ages, of course, we offer our legendary beer selection and yummy cocktails.

Did you know we are Otterbein University’s favorite caterer? We have over three decades of experience in catering special events at resorts, country clubs, banquet halls just about anywhere that hosts a party for special folks. Cardinal can come to your Westerville graduation party venue with all the tables and chairs and cocktail napkins and parmesan cheese.

Or you can host your event in house here at our rockin’ restaurant. And if you’re doing an after-school soiree, we can deliver or we can prepare it so you can pick up the whole feast yourself.

We can customize your experience to the exact theme and vibe you desire.

Pricing is very doable. Lunch comes in between $5 and $15 a person. A great dinner is in the $12 to $22 range.

And we make it easy to make up your own, unique event. Click here to begin to create your own special Graduation Party!