So, here’s the thing. It’s summer, as far away from snowstorms and icy streets as you can get in Uptown Westerville.

You wrap up your daily duties a little early so you can enjoy the season. It’s 3:30 – 4:00 …  where to begin? How about our refreshing-in-the-glass, yummy-on-the-plate and easy-on-the-wallet Cardinal Pizza Shop Happy Hour in Uptown Westerville?

Every weekday from 3 pm to 7 pm you are welcome to come on in and enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks that won’t take too much from your hard-earned bank account. Pizza and a beer for ten bucks? Yup. Birdy Bread and a fancy cocktail for 8 bucks. Word.

Here’s how it breaks down – our Happy Hour features draft Bud Light for $2, craft beer cans for $3 and domestic beer cans for only $1.75. Not feeling beer today? (What’s wrong with you?) We throw in a $2 discount off all liquor, including our mind-bending array of craft cocktails.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to have you in THE BEST PIZZA JOINT ANYWHERE — let alone Uptown Westerville — and not offer a tempting deal on our food menu. Fear not, for your snack, you can get a one-topping ten inch pizza for only $8. Birdy Bread or our tasty Cheesy Garlic Bread for $2.

This Happy Hour makes us so happy, that on Thursdays we’ve extended it – from 3 pm to 9 pm! That’s a quarter of the day celebrating Happy Hour!

We love it here in Uptown Westerville, and it seems to love us back. Folks from all over have been raving about our food, drink, service and atmosphere – check out the reviews on our home page. You know it’s got to be great. So, let’s howl at the Dog Days and come join us at our summer celebration. Happy Hour at Cardinal Pizza Shop!

Cardinal Pizza

At Cardinal Pizza in Uptown Westerville, we live local, eat local and source our ingredients locally. Come have a drink with us.