Spoiler alert: Tomatoes are a pretty important part of a great pizza. We at Cardinal Pizza Shop take pride in sourcing our ingredients here in Ohio. So, when we reach beyond our borders for something, it has to be special. And that’s the case with the tomatoes we love.

Our owner/chef Bob Williamson has spent his life working in fine dining, so when it comes to the menu at Cardinal, he wants every dish to shine. He discovered Stanislaus Tomato Magic – an amazingly balanced flavor between sweet and meaty giving Cardinal Pizza Shop dishes an added zip. Added zang? Added zoom?

It doesn’t matter, these California tomatoes are a big part of why people love our offerings at Cardinal Pizza Shop.

Pizza. Of course. Not sure what to get? Our Gov’na Pizza is simple and just the good stuff: Extra pepperoni, extra cheese, and you got it — extra sauce. Fuggedaboutit. And the tomato terrific-ness doesn’t stop at the pies, you’ll find tomato awesomeness in our savory meatball appetizer, or the outrageously yummy Italian Chicken Sub as well. (We sneak a banana pepper in there which plays so well with the sauce, the sandwich needs a chaperone when we serve it.)

Stanislaus takes pride in the tomato products they offer. If you choose to check out their site, you’ll find glorious videos of their farm, an array of delectable tomato products and a business-building page with blogs on restaurant development. They are kinda kindred spirits to us in their enthusiastic approach to food service.

So, if this seems like an over-passionate essay about tomatoes, think how that translates to everything we prepare at Cardinal. We want to be the place in Westerville for pizza, subs, beer and fun; and if a top-notch tomato helps us there, we’re all in.

Cardinal Pizza Shop

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