Hey there, the theme of this month’s blog is we hope we are finally saying goodbye to the pandemic and good riddance. Things are starting to gear up again and Cardinal Pizza Shop in Westerville Ohio is going to jump right in! School’s starting soon, people are getting back into the swing of things, so we will be closing on Sundays starting this week. This will allow our awesome team members to get a day to attend to whatever needs attending to. 

Back in Flight with Otterbein University 

Did you know that our humble little pizza and beer joint takes its name from the Otterbein Cardinals (also of Westerville Ohio)? We have been an enthusiastic sponsor of the Otterbein Athletics Department for many years, and once again we want to brag about our association with these awesome athletes and inspiring adult leaders. 

Otterbein offers ten men’s and nine women’s sports including football, baseball, soccer and golf. They have their exciting Homecoming and Family Weekend coming up, which we are anxious to be a part of – it has been cancelled the last couple of years. We’ll save the juicy details for that event for the next blog. 

And a Shout Out to Westerville North High School 

Now Westerville North High School doesn’t have a Cardinal mascot, but a Roman warrior. This is because the students follow ‘The Warrior Way,’ a path of hard work, respect and success. However, it must be noted that ‘cardinal’ is one of their official school colors! And we at Cardinal Pizza are quite proud of also being sponsors of WNHS athletics department in Westerville Ohio. 

Now that we are finally emerging from the last few years of being hunkered down, it will be great to go to games, enjoy the competition. And eat pizza. We bet the ancient Roman warriors ate pizza. It only stands to reason, right?