Okay, it’s time to shake off the wintery hibernation, head out into the summer sun and dive into an ice cold swimming pool of beer! We at Westerville’s Cardinal Pizza Shop are lining up just the right picks to rock the lazy, hazy, crazy … well you know the song. It’s summer beer time!

Here are the top pics for Westerville’s Cardinal Pizza.

Raspy Cat

Wheat Beer

5% ABV

Rhinegeist Brewery Cincinnati

Glowing with a ruby red haze and purring with notes of raspberry and cherry, Raspy Cat is a tasty trip through vibrant fields of flavor. A bright, refreshing, and slightly tart profile is underscored by light and toasty wheat malt — this is one colorful cat.

Platform Sun Surfer

Fruited India Pale Ale

4.9% ABV

Platform Beer Co All over Ohio

Got your Aloha shirt, lei and that white stuff on your nose? Then you are poised to grab this Hawaiian style, citrusy gem. Whether it’s a luau or a slice of our decadent Hawaiian pizza, this is the perfect partner. Mahalo nui loa.


American Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

North High Brewing Columbus

This is a balanced brew combining tropical fruit and citrus notes with a robust body. Similar to a Session IPA, this dry-hopped ale is easy drinking at its vernal best.

Giant Orange

Double New England Hazy

10% ABV

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Though it’s getting warmer, you still need a beer for breakfast right? This fantastic Double IPA is brewed with orange zest to zing up any trip to the beach or flop by the pool.

And don’t forget, though we love our beer selection, we got some yummy mixology going on over at our bar. For the summer we offer a couple of cool coolers.

Sliced Cranberry Gimlet

We shake Watershed Vodka with Spiced Cranberry Juice and some lime to pour an elegant and refreshing starter to the party.

The Cardinal Sin

What school break isn’t time for sinning? Here we blend Bird Dog Peach Whiskey with Simple Times Blueberry Lemonade and bada-bing: Heavenly sin.

So get your cut-offs and shades on and join us at Westerville’s Cardinal Pizza for happy hour!