We at Cardinal Pizza are so excited about our line of classic American soft drinks we had to split up the message in two parts. Check our last blog for the first part.

Bubble Up

Bubble Up – the original lemon lime carbonated treat. It began in Sandusky, Ohio in August of 1919, that’s ten years before its famous rival, Seven Up, was rolled out. It also predated Sprite in the Coca Cola lineup. Bubble Up is a fun, refreshing option. Their original tagline was “A kiss of lemon, a kiss of lime.”

Dad’s Root Beer

You haven’t heard of Dad’s Root Beer?! It is an American classic which, in its beginning, was one of the most popular soft drinks in the country. It was developed in 1938 in Chicago by two Partners – Barney Berns and Ely Klapman in a basement. Its nutty, peppery flavor was an instant hit. They named it ‘Dad’s’ to not only honor Klapman’s father, but to all Dads who, in those days, made root beer in the home.

Dad’s was the first soft drink to be sold in six pack bottles. They offered three sizes of bottles “Junior,” “Mama” and “Papa.” In the 40s they would run the “One cent” promotion, if you bought the 12 ounce “Papa” you could get a “Mama” for a penny more.

Frosties Blue cream

This cotton candy dream was born in an abandoned jailhouse. In 1939, George Rackensperger built on his already successful root beer business by producing this neon blue wonder. The Blue Cream is a cream soda produced with pure cane sugar and contains no caffeine.

It has this friendly fellow on the bottle, dressed like Santa, smiling at you. It also is low fat and low sodium. A fun and trippy thing to do would make an ice cream float with this space age soda!

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